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Ein Fährmann verbindet ...

From the plant into your glas …

Of course we can’t and won’t reveal all of our secrets, but we want to give you an insight of how a bottle of Fährmann Hildebrand® is made. It’s best to compare it with a (very long) transit. At the beginning of the journey there are 9 valuable spices and herbs from selected and certified growing areas. First they will be prepared in a special bath. The next step is the process of a cold maceration in our glass pillar which lasts for several weeks. Only in this way we can verify the change of colors of our Fährmann over time – until it is exactly the way it’s described in the handed recipe.

After this excitement, the Fährmann can rest, but just for 9 days until the filtering starts. We put much effort in the filtering process to ensure that the Fährmann does not lose its valuable ‘passengers’. Those how have a close look can see the slight straining – a feature unfamiliar to industrial products.

After 12 month darkness the Fährmann is ready to be filled in his bottles. Here he will ripe for another 6 month until he finally reaches his flavor. After every bottle is sealed by hand the Fährmann has accomplished his journey to the other shore and will be send to travel the world.

Nur echt mit dem Siegel