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The Prignitzer Elbtalaue … where nature determines time.

Dunes, meadows and moor characterize the region. Widely spread forests, mysteriously bright and dark, charm the traveler. The river Elbe is the west border of the Prignitz. As the only sand river in Germany, it shapes our homeland in a very special way. Like a constantly changing mosaic the landscape is constantly changing within the rhythm of nature.

In harmony with nature …

Categorized as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve the Elbtalaue is protected. It provides space for a great diveristy of plants and animals who can live safely and free. Some of the plants and animals are very well adjusted to the extreme wet, others prefer a much dryer surrounding. That’s also because the water level varies up to 6m throughout the year. Bright shiny sandbars, flood channels, backwaters and gnarled leftovers of an ancient lea forest are the visible results of spectacle. The best way to discover the beauty of the area is by bike, feed or even by horse. However you travel, you will feel the river and its rhythm.

Verwurzelt in der Region